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First Name Basis – Tim Noakes

Tim Noakes RD 1

Robert Daniel and Thomas & Benno gift international thought leaders, entertainers and prominent personalities for thought provoking show.

Robert Daniel and Thomas & Benno recently clothed a host of Capetonian and international thought leaders, entertainers and prominent personalities as part of a fascinating “one-on-one immersive conversation”.

The conversations, conducted mainly at the exclusive Table Bay Hotel, form part of a new pilot series “FIRST NAME BASIS:When people connect, the world changes.” hosted by Dominic Wilhelm.

Initially released online for the discerning viewer, the series has already attracted several thousand views with over 333 hours being viewed according to YouTube Analytics.

Guests specifically gifted by Robert Daniel and Thomas & Benno include Zolani Mahola of Freshly Ground, Jack Parow, Arno Carstens, Iraj Abedian, Tim Noakes and George Ellis.

Amongst them, guests are known to command audiences in the millions, sometimes single handedly; are redefining our view of the cosmos and entrenched cultural patterns; have re-written the economic rules that govern us and are changing the way we view the food system. Indeed, they are global leaders in their given field.

Filmed in the Presidential Suite and The Atlantic, First Name Basis appeals to the discerning viewer who appreciates the transformative power of authentic conversation to shape the world for the better.

Set against the spectacular backdrop of “the best destination in the world”, this time voted by the likes of the New York Times and Forbes, conversation reveals deep personal truths about guests as well as poignant commentary on the ideas shaping our world.

“For us, First Name Basis resonates deeply with our brand in that it as much about substance as it is about form. We’re thrilled that Arno Carstens, Iraj Abedian, Tim Noaks and Zolani Mahola accepted our gifts and that host Dominic Wilhelm dressed Robert Daniel throughout the pilot series.” says Mike Harris of Robert Daniel and Thomas & Benno.

“Authentic conversation, apart from being incredibly entertaining and gripping to witness, is a sort of alchemy in which we navigate global fault lines, social distance and explore not only the way of the world but the way it could be. Dressing in Robert Daniel helped me occupy that space with a sense of confidence and helped set the tone for what we believe will become a world-class production.” says host and executive producer Dominic Wilhelm.

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